Crossroads Safehouse

Crossroads provides emergency safehousing, advocacy, legal assistance, rapid rehousing and crisis intervention for victims of domestic violence

Do you ever feel like you are walking on eggshells around someone who is supposed to love you?

Crossroads Safehouse is here to help. Domestic violence includes many forms of abuse, not just physical.

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The staff of Crossroads is available to assist those who are suffering from domestic violence and interpersonal abuse based on individual needs and the emergent situation. This includes those who have experienced abuse both recently or in the past.

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Without the volunteers, financial support and assistance of the Northern Colorado community, Crossroads would not be able to assist our residents and clients. We are grateful to our volunteers and donors. Thank you for your support, advocacy and partnership!

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Domestic violence is abuse that may include physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, economic and psychological patterns in which the abuser's conscious or unconscious goal is to gain or maintain control over the victim. Not all forms of domestic violence are against the law, and there are not always physical signs of abuse.

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Crossroads Safehouse first opened its doors to the Northern Colorado community in 1980 when it offered four rooms to victims of domestic violence. Crossroads is now housed in a 29,000 square foot facility with 31 rooms serving victims and their children every day of the year. Our team of 35 dedicated staff members works hard to provide wrap-around services to victims of domestic violence and interpersonal abuse, including access to our emergency shelter with therapy, advocacy, legal advice, food, clothing and much more.

History of Crossroads Safehouse