Crossroads Advocates Help Provide Clarity

Healing Hands

The advocates on staff at Crossroads Safehouse help bring clarity and perspective to victims of abuse. They help victims like the following understand what their options are and that they deserve better.

“In April 2017 my friend brought me to Crossroads Safehouse and we met with an advocate. I described to her some concerns I had with my marriage and what both my children and I were experiencing. The Crossroads advocate helped me realize just how serious and dangerous the abuse was that we were enduring. Even more importantly, the advocate helped me understand that the abuse was not my fault and that I was worthy of living a better life.

One month later, my two children (at the time they were 2 and 4 years old) and I fled our home with nothing more than a book bag and went into hiding at the Crossroads shelter. We stayed for multiple nights before moving to live with a friend for a couple months. Eventually we found stable enough grounds to move into a home on our own. Because of the incredible advocates at Crossroads Safehouse, my children and I are thriving and now know what it is like to live a life free of fear and abuse. We are growing and healing daily. This advocate and the entire Crossroads team saved our lives and we will be forever grateful. Thank you for our new lives and our clear vision of what we are worth, what we deserve, and what we do not.”

~From a past Crossroads Safehouse Client