Your donations provide safety, options, stability and hope.

$20 can cover a night of shelter and access to all supportive services.

$75 can provide one therapy session for a child

$100 can purchase 5 blankets for survivors staying in shelter, OR money for gas for a client to relocate to a safe location, OR replace ID cards for a family who had to leave their belongings behind

$250 can provide one week of food for all residents in shelter from the Larimer County Food Bank, OR consultation and advice with a Bringing Justice Home attorney to develop, OR bus tickets to help a survivor move to a safe location, OR car repairs so a survivor can get to and from work

$1,400 can sponsor a survivor's eight week stay in shelter

$3,000 can provide representation for a divorce, custody hearing or protection orders for a client in court through Bringing Justice Home Project.


This Wishlist (updated August 2022) notes specific items that meet the needs of our current clients. We would be happy to accept the following items.

  • Online Items
    • Gift cards of any amount to Walmart/Kohl’s/King Soopers/Safeway/CVS/Walgreens/Target/Amazon/VISA.
      • These are very useful, flexible options for our clients and their children.
    • Gift cards of any amount to Lyft and Uber.
      • Our clients have ongoing transportation needs, and the most flexible resources are Lyft and Uber. Gift cards of any amount would immediately benefit our clients.
    • If you would like to order online and have items shipped directly to Crossroads click here to view our wish list!
  • Shelter Needs – Resident and Non-Resident (Outreach) Clients
    • Daily Care Products
      • Shampoo and conditioner for all types of hair
      • Body wash
      • Toothpaste
      • Toothbrushes – Individually packaged
      • Body lotion
      • Make up for all skin tones
    • Clothing, Shoes 
      • Fall clothing of all sizes
      • Clothing Plus Sizes
      • Men’s Clothing
      • Bra – Specifically, A-B sizes
      • Shoes – Adult and children (sizes 6-10)
      • Winter coats – adult and children
    • Linens
      • Twin-Sized Sheet Sets
      • Bath Towels
      • Hand Towels
      • Wash Clothes
    • Other Items
      • Suitcases
      • Pillows
      • Car Donations
  • Financial Contributions
    • Financial donations are welcome. Any amount makes a difference!

Items for Road to Home clients

If you have questions on any items you wish to donate, please contact [email protected], and our staff will follow up with you.

Thank you for your support of Crossroads and our clients!

Ways to Give

The most common donations are gifts of cash, check or credit card. This type of support provides immediate benefits for the individuals we serve. In addition, substantial cash gifts can be pledged with payment scheduled over a period of time.

Please MAIL your gift to:

Crossroads Safehouse
P.O. Box 993
Fort Collins, CO 80522

To make a gift using your CREDIT CARD, click the Donate Now button above or call 970-530-2353.

Annual Event Sponsorship / Corporate Partner Program

Annual Event Sponsorship / Corporate Partner Program

Individuals and companies can lend vital support and partner in our mission by becoming a sponsor.  Sponsorship benefits include publicity and affiliation with one of Northern Colorado’s most respected nonprofit agencies. For information on our corporate partnership packages, contact us at [email protected] or phone at 970.530.2353.

Community Fundraisers

Throughout the year individuals, businesses and community groups have hosted events or organized projects to benefit Crossroads. The hosting organization or individual assumes all responsibility for organizing and producing the event or project. With ample notification, Crossroads will help with promotion and offer support as resources allow. If you are planning to host a fundraiser for Crossroads, thank you for your consideration.

Matching Gifts

If you work for a company that offers a matching gifts program, the value of your gift may be doubled or even tripled. This means increased monetary support for Crossroads and larger gift credit for you. Check with your human resources staff to see if your company will match your charitable contributions. They will provide you with a matching gift form to complete and send to Crossroads. We will handle the process from there.

Planned Gifts

Some of our supporters wish to conserve their assets for now to ensure they meet their family's future financial needs. These individuals may take advantage of alternative giving options known as "planned" gifts. Planned gifts are typically revocable. Please consult your attorney or financial advisor for assistance.

Select as Your Charity at King Scoopers

If you grocery shop at King Soopers, you can select Crossroads Safehouse as your charity of choice and we receive 5% back on all your purchases!

ARC’s Car Donation Program

Thank you for choosing to donate your car. Please fill out the following form!

Gifts Of Stock

Charitable gifts of stock, bonds, mutual funds, and other appropriate assets provide an opportunity for personal tax savings while supporting Crossroads. Check with your financial services provider to discuss your options.

Crossroads Safehouse will never sell, trade or rent your personal or contact information to other individuals or companies. The information that you provide is used only to complete your donation.

Please mail your gift to:
Crossroads Safehouse | P.O. Box 993 | Fort Collins, Colorado 80522

Printable Gift Form | For more information about donating or to make a gift using your credit card via phone, call: 970.530.2353.

If you have any questions about donations, you can email us at [email protected]