Story #32,498: MS. Ryan

Crossroads Safehouse Testimonial

1. What was going on in your life at the time you began working with Crossroads and why did you make the decision to ask for help/support from Crossroads?

A friend from church recommended Crossroads Safehouse to me when I was considering separating from my (then) husband. I did not have a place to live, and I could not afford paying my bills and rent on my own. They recommended Crossroads to me as a safe place to be during the transition.

2. How is your life different now then it was at the time you started working with Crossroads?

My life is drastically different. I separated and eventually divorced my abusive husband. I’ve received help in getting into affordable housing. My daughter is more emotionally stable and continues to adapt to our “new” lives. I just finished my second semester of college and we are healthy mentally and emotionally. I am more confident in the person I am becoming. accepting and growing through the difficulty of this divorce was the best thing to have happen.

3. What services that Crossroads offers have you used?

Crossroads offered a lot of information that I had not been aware of was available to me when I became a single mother. We used resources that they provided including housing (care housing), and access to the food bank. My monthly follow-up appointments with my case worker were wonderful in keeping me on track to get things in order and continue moving forward with our life. Our case worker was there to support us from beginning to end and was very compassionate and kind.

Some of the other services that I was able to use included…
• Outreach/Non-residential Services: Murphy Center for helping with first month’s rent.
• Legal Advocacy/Bringing Justice Home: Contacted BJH for advice before attaining an attorney.
• Financial Assistance: Help with gathering first month’s rent.

4. For people who aren’t as familiar with Crossroads, what would you like them to know about your experience working with us and the support you and your family received from Crossroads?

If it weren’t for word of mouth from a friend, I would not have found Crossroads when I needed. It is a wonderful resource for many people facing hardships, and a great support to those willing to change their lives. Crossroads can provide all the information and resources locally available to help during a hardship. In my time with Crossroads, I had nothing but positive experiences. Starting with the professional staff up to our case worker and those involved in all other aspects of job duties.

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