Homelessness Contribution Tax Credit

Recently, Crossroads Safehouse was approved by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs for the Colorado Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit.

What is the Colorado Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit (HCTC)? 

In 2022, HB 22-1083 was passed, which is a bill that provides a tax credit to Colorado taxpayers that contribute to eligible homelessness-related projects within Colorado. For full details on that bill, you can click here

Our emergency shelter and Road to Home programs work to prevent homelessness for survivors of domestic violence in our community. Therefore, our donors qualify for that tax credit. 

How does the tax credit work? 

Any monetary gift above $100 given after Jan. 1, 2023, can be submitted for the credit. 

Additionally, any in-kind donation of $5,000 or more is eligible. Please note that in-kind donations must be evaluated by a third party.

Recurring gifts must wait until the minimum threshold to submit for certification.

If you have already given a gift of $100 or more, click here to submit your gift for credit!

Haven’t given yet? Now is the perfect time to support survivors in your community and take advantage of this tax credit!