Story #46,002: Ellen

Crossroads Safehouse Testimonial

1. What was going in your life at the time you began working with Crossroads and why did you make the decision to ask for help/support from Crossroads? 

At the time that I talked to a counselor at Crossroads Safehouse, my life was in a terrible place. My husband and I were separating after months of abuse, and I was sleeping on friends’ couches and had nowhere to go. My co-workers suggested Crossroads and it was lifesaving for me.

2. How is your life different now that it was at the time you started working with Crossroads? 

I have hope now that I can survive my situation.  The Wednesday night support group, facilitated by Kelli, was a rock for me, and continues to be so.  Personal counseling and referrals for assistance, along with meeting other survivors was absolutely critical. That assistance allowed me to concentrate on finding a place to live, which was successful.

3. What services that Crossroads offers have you used?

I have used their outreach and support groups. The warm welcome and understanding of the staffers made a huge difference.

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